About Us

Africa in Colors is a Pan-African platform born from Rwanda with a vision to be present in all the 54 African countries.

Africa in Colors was born from a need of positioning Africa on the global market when it comes to a creative economy.

We founded Africa in Colors project to have the creative economy, in the next 5 years from 2020, be an important economic player to many African countries, and among the top 10 export services for many African countries.

Africa in Colors will also help countries and creative entrepreneurs to work together, trade and do business among the creative entrepreneurs better and more efficiently.

Africa in Colors will also be of a great opportunity to African talents to be detected and showcased on the global market.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work toward positioning Africa on the global market as a creative continent, and work with African countries in order to build together a sustainable creative economy for the continent.

Our vision

Have a continental presence in order to connect and be connected to more players of the creative industry around the African continent, while advocating to governments how to best adopt the creative economy and creating and showcasing more creative and innovative solutions by Africans, selling on a global market.

Our Programs

  • Africa in Colors festival is part of the Africa in Colors projects, and the festival will be bringing every year, African creative entrepreneurs, actors, government officials and investors to share, trade, work on best practices that sharpen or can can sharpen the African creative industry.
  • Netinfo, 3D Netinfo was born from Tunisia and will be run in partnership with Africa in Colors around African countries in order to educate and train young Africans willing to venture into the creative industry business
  • Africa in Colors Incubation platform will bring the best practices and investment opportunities to African entrepreneurs while helping them access funding
  • AfrikLive, the web and mobile app TV will be a media platform that will showcase the best of the creative and innovative solutions born around Africa and the best image of Africa to the world.
  • I am a creative, is a platform that will help African creative entrepreneurs, actors, and investors share, collaborate, and do business from across Africa and beyond

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