AIC empowers is a project run in partnership with various partners of Africa in Colors, from across the world. The AIC empower works to empower the creative ecosystem, by training young people in the field of the culture and creative industry, on soft skills, entrepreneurship and practical skills. 


AIC empower 2020 AIC empower 2021 AIC empower 2022
Over 700 young people from across 10 African countries took part in a 3D modeling training in partnership with Netinfo 30 young people from Rwanda took part in a training around 3D modeling in partnership with Netinfo 150 young people from Rwanda. Some 30 students took part in a training around 3D modeling, 20 around entrepreneurship in the culture and creative industry and 100 participated in practical programs in the AIC festival

Some of these trainings were in partnership with Netinfo, Unanimous Games, LAFAAAC, Positive Production and MOCA



Welcome to the 2023 call for application,

We would be more than happy to have you among us, and together change the culture and creative industry landscape.

Before you apply, do you fulfill the following conditions:

  • Does your age fit the following bracket 16 – 24 years old
  • Do you have some computer skills? Basics or advanced?
  • Do you have access to a laptop?
  • Are you available at least 6hrs a week to take this course?

If one of these conditions are missing, we advise you to apply for another program we are working and will be soon available.

If all the above conditions are filled, please go ahead and apply from here

Application closed

AIC exchange is a space dedicated to stories worth spreading.

We invite various creatives from across the world, to discuss their journey, and through that inspire the current and next generation working or interested in the culture and creative industry space. 

The AIC exchange will kick start from February 2023 and will have a monthly rendez-vous with talents, innovators, creatives, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders operating in this space.

Stay tuned…

AIC space is under construction, will be accessible from March 2023.

Stay tuned…

The AIC festival is an annual rendez-vous of the culture and creative industry ecosystem from around the world.

It is a place dedicated to bringing practitioners of the industry, decision makers, innovators, and change makers, to connect, share and do business.

Next festival will be held in Kigali-Rwanda in September 2023. 

More info will be available soon. 

The AIC market place is a project to be launched in 2023, in partnership with various stakeholders, from Africa and USA.

The project will facilitate the ease of doing business in the culture and creative industry, and will bring an extra income stream for creatives from Africa.

Stay tuned for further details…


Welcome to Africa in Colors mapping survey

This survey is a sampling survey, a start to a wider outreach survey helping us and partners understand the current Rwandan landscape for culture and creative industry.

Through this survey, we will be able to create a strong and wider network of opportunities that benefits not only you as a player of the industry, but the entire ecosystem.

Thank you for allowing this to happen and don’t forget to let your friend, colleague, partner know about it and fill this form as well.

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The AIC consults operates in partnership with various partners. For example in Rwanda, AIC consult works with the Government of Rwanda through the Ministry of Youth and Culture, the Rwanda heritage Academy, the City of Kigali. 

AIC consults lends its expertise to developing environments for creatives to thrive, their education, easy access to markets, culture policy design, business incentives in CCI, and access to funding. 

We also work with entrepreneurs to redefine their businesses to be lucrative, or simply rethink their business models. 

We work with 37 countries across the world, and we look forward to more countries joining our network in 2023.

Feel free to join us by filling this form.