Africa in Colours festival to resume virtually

The creative industry is one of key sectors affected by the new coronavirus pandemic, which forced a lot of businesses to suspend their operations and cancel planned events. Although some activities were given a green light to resume in Rwanda, on condition that they observe the precautionary measures to avoid the spread of Covid-19, players

Briant Biggs mubyara wa Jay-Z mu bazatanga ikiganiro mu nama ya Africa In colors itegurwa n’Umunyarwanda

Briant Bigss mubyara wa Jay-Z ni umwe mu bashoye imari mu bikorwa bitandukanye byubakiye ku ikoranabuhanga bazatanga ikiganiro mu nama ya Africa In colors itegurwa n’Umunyarwanda. Briant Biggs ari mu bayoboye Roc Nation, kompanyi y’umuraperi Jay-Z uri mu bakomeye ku Isi waguye ibikorwa bye mu bihugu bitandukanye. Uyu mugabo azatanga ikiganiro mu nama yubakiye ku nsanganyamatsiko

Africa in Colors

Africa in Colors : Votre rendez-vous mensuelThème : Le rôle de la culture dans le développent d’Afrique post COVIDDate : 7 Juin 2020,Temps : 13 : 00 GMTLieu : YouTube/AfricaincolorsprojectLangue : En Français et rediffuser en Anglais • A propos des organisateurs du rendez-vous mensuel « Afrique en Couleur «• Sommaire du rendez – vous